a new play by Devin Burnam


Picture yourself as ancient history…

Modeled on the long human tradition of secret societies gathering--at great personal risk--to exchange forbidden ideas and stories, The Catastrophe Club invites you 500 years into the future to examine the early 21st century just before the collapse of civilization as we know it.

The world of the 26th century is organized in relative peace and safety, but the price of this peace and safety is what we presently call our humanity. Sanitized and isolated, but thoroughly provided for, some of our distant descendants have begun to ask questions. They have crept out into public to meet in illegal recreation rooms and peer into their past.

Like a dining room from ancient Pompeii, The Catastrophe Club excavates the ruins of an ordinary New York City bar on what began as an ordinary night. Buried in this room are questions:

What do we leave behind?

What is the purpose of life?

What does it mean to be touched?





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Photo Credit: Jeremy Varner